Practice Areas


Immigration Law

The Law Office of Nathan Zaslow is experienced at Removal and Deportation Defense in Immigration Court (for clients both in ICE custody and those out of custody), Waiver Applications, Citizenship Applications, Family Visas, Green Card Applications, Petitions under the Violence Against Women’s Act, and Other Visas.┬áThe immigration laws are complex and include a patchwork of federal laws, regulations, and administrative and federal court decisions, which can change on a daily basis. An experienced, honest, and hardworking lawyer can be essential to navigate through this maze and reach a happy outcome for you and your family.


Criminal Law

The Law Office of Nathan Zaslow practices criminal law, including felony and misdemeanor cases, ranging from drug offenses to sex offenses to assault/ domestic violence offenses to property/theft crimes. Mr. Zaslow has interned at the California Attorney General’s Office in Los Angeles at the criminal appeals and writs division.

Having a defense attorney as soon as possible can help the accused exercise his/ her constitutional rights and allows for the best possible defense. Because convictions for even harmless sounding criminal offenses can have severe immigration consequences, it is essential for a non-citizen to consult with an attorney knowledgeable of the potential immigration issues in each person’s case and the specific consequences a conviction may have.

Post conviction relief is also sometimes an option after pleading to a conviction with unexpected immigration consequences, but there are many different ways to expunge or vacate a conviction that all have a different effect for immigration purposes. The Law Office of Nathan Zaslow specializes in these criminal issues related to immigration.


Appellate Law

The Law Office of Nathan Zaslow is experienced at appeals in all stages of deportation /removal cases. Mr. Zaslow has extensive experience appealing to the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Making the relevant legal arguments is essential in any appeal, and it is important to know when Federal Appeals Court will assume jurisdiction over an appeal. In addition, an experienced attorney in these matters is important to understand when a stay of removal or deportation can be granted. Mr. Zaslow also has extensive experience filing successful motions to reopen before the Board of Immigration Appeals with clients both in ICE custody and out of custody, based on such issues as new evidence, or proof of not receiving notice of an immigration court hearing from years earlier.


Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Nathan Zaslow also litigates civil matters for its clients in the California Superior Courts. Some issues which our clients may have include Personal Injury Cases (such as car accidents), Employment Cases (such as employment discrimination), and Civil Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) in domestic violence cases. Many Civil Cases often involve strict rules concerning when a case can be brought and there is often a deadline to file such a claim. Speaking with an attorney as soon as possible is advisable to give you the most options in pursuing a claim.